miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Drumnandrochit Appeal

It may sound like a savage call from Tarzan in the far away African jungle. But it isn't! Actually, it is a strange, small, European but, at the same time, exotic village in Scotland.
Situated at the very shore of Loch Ness, you'll know you're there because a giant sculpture of Nessie welcomes the visitor.

The name of the village is almost as big as the Loch Ness Monster, but don't let yourself be fooled by it. It is the tiniest place I've been to... EVER!

You can just see a couple of houses and a Bank of Scotland office, which only opens twice a week and has no ATM. Great when you arrive just when it's just closed and you have no cash! Then, it's time for you to hitchhach back to Inverness, the closest city, where you can get some money and go back to Drumnandrochit.
There, at about 2 miles' distance, there is a hostel just next to the lake.
It's not luxurious, but the scenery is fantastic! And it's just five minutes' walk from Urquarth Castle (Nessie's home).
You can enjoy the sunset there and, luckily, spot  the monster back to the hostel.

An Exotic Christmas.

It is Christmas time again! Always the same things, and the same routines. But, what about a different Christmas?
Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic is an excellent option  for exotic holidays. You can find sand  as white as the snow on the beach .  Imagine wearing a Santa Claus hat  and a bikini. 

Having dinner   with candles  in the sand is very romantic. 

Waiting for  New Year's Eve while having a bath in crystalline sea water is a very special experience.
Furthermore, you can  sunbathe so that you can  show off when you come back. At  first, it is a bit strange to lie down in a towel in December.
But the best of all is having cocktails like "mojito" or "coco loco" to welcome a New Year.

To sum up, this Christmas is a good moment to have a different party and also, to be in Dominican Republic. You only need to dare!
Jordan in the map
Jordan, a land between war and beauty
Many of you may thing it is crazy to visit a place surrounded by so dangerous neighbours: Palestine, Israel, Egypt and so on, but think for a moment: Jordan is extremely beautiful, the landscapes are amazing, the monuments completely astonishing (from Petra to Jerash, from mosques to Roman remains).
In addition, what about the fantastic experience of relaxing on the Dead Sea, the only one in the world where you can never sink?
Image of Petra

To sum up, we should also mention the deserts. The view of the Wadi Rum and its colours and feels will be something you will never forget in your holy life.
Wadi Rum desert

Last, but not least: how long do you think you can visit these places? Perhaps you have been for a long time longing for visiting Egypt, Libia, Siria and ... will you dare to do that now? So, reflect for a moment: it is possible by now visiting Jordan. Please, do it and you will not be disappointed.
To know more, click in the following link: www.visitjordan.com/